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Best St. Croix Musky Rod

What are the Top St. Croix Rods for Muskie Fishing?

Over the years, fishing has become an exciting sport. Both the young and old are now gravitating towards the activity, for fun and for economic purposes.

However, angling might turn out to be a nightmare if you do not have the right equipment. While any rod can still serve the purpose, you want to maximize on the chances of going home with a few trophies.

That means identifying the best brand of rods that currently exist in the market. You could carry out an extensive research and even consider the reviews available online. So what should you be looking for in the course of the review?

Aspects such as the construction of the angler will come into play. It should feature the best design that is modern and up to date. Also, look at the technology used to assemble the fishing rod.

It goes without saying that the best angler will come with advanced technology.

Having realized how challenging selecting an angler rod can be, we took the load off your shoulders by discussing the best models available. St. Croix Musky rods were our best picks.

Here are some of the best versions made by that company.

1. Mojo MM86XHF

The top pick among the St. Croix Musky rods is this Mojo Bass MM86XHF. The model was first released into the market in the year 2008, and was perfectly constructed to meet all the demands from fishermen.

To begin with, you should note that Mojo MM86XHF is one of the most affordable musky rods you are likely to find in the market. This is largely associated with the period within which it was introduced to our shelves.

The economy was fast dwindling, so the manufacturer saw it fit to bring to you a product that wouldn’t want you to fork out too many dollars. But that does not mean that the quality of the product was compromised.

The design is unmatched. The parts have been carefully put together to ensure that you get the value of your money. The back has been split for an even better grip. Moving on, the color used for the product is also attractive and is thus a plus.

You can be sure that you will be pleased with the performance of this musky rod.


  • Affordable
  • Has a great design
  • It is fast


  • It isn’t very long
  • Doesn’t have the best guides

2. Premier PM76MHF

In the second place, we have this Premier PM76MHF St. Croix musky rod. We wouldn’t say that it is any less effective than the previous pick. In fact, it has much more to bring to the table.

Just as you can tell from the hefty price tag, this is a high end fishing rod that will prove to be worth your investment. Premier goes at a price ranging between 210 US dollars to 245 US dollars.

That is not meant to discourage you. Over the years, it has been proven that quality products cost a lot more than sub-standard products. So, you have more reasons why you should try this out.

Suffice it to say, it has been furnished out of durable SCII graphite. This gives the rod strength to withstand the most intense fishing activities. And you wouldn’t have to do much maintenance so you end up saving a few bucks in the long run.

Also, this musky rod is a combo of nice sensitivity as well as extreme power. You don’t have to sacrifice either.


  • Made from durable graphite
  • Has nice rod sensitivity
  • Outstandingly powerful


  • It is expensive
  • Parts might be corroded

3. Legend Tournament LTMU90HF

The next musky rod model from St. Croix goes to Legend Tournament LTMU90HF. Enough can’t be said about this version. We will point out a few outstanding features. To begin with, the musky rod comes with a product warranty.

The warranty subsists for a 15-year period, during which time it can be transferred. Plus, you wouldn’t have to take care of the costs by yourself in the event that the product breaks down. Everything is covered.

What better assurance could you want?

Legend tournament is the best description of durability that we have come across. To begin with, the product itself is made from quality SCIV graphite material for longevity. This is further reinforced with carbon fiber, making it even more strong and powerful.

Besides, the mattes have also been designed to withstand any corrosion that might otherwise happen when exposed to environmental factors. The guides used for this model will not entangle, and won’t therefore give you difficulties.

It is impossible to refrain from talking about the technology employed. The rod boasts an integrated poly curve (IPC) which gives you a taste of sensitivity and control.


  • Strong and durable
  • Great sensitivity
  • Warranty protected


  • Costly
  • A bit stiff

How to choose a musky rod

Right off the bat, we will caution against using musky rods that are not strong enough for the cause. Saving on cash is one thing. Withstanding the anger and frustration resulting from a broken rod due to a heavy musky is another thing.

Ideally, you wouldn’t want to be a victim of the latter. It is much better to invest a few bucks in a strong and quality musky rod once and for all then enjoy the fruits afterwards.

But what does a quality musky rod look like? Or rather, how would you determine that one musky rod is better than the other?

If you are struggling with such questions, worry no more.  In this section, we are going to take you through some of the aspects that you should watch out for when buying a musky rod.

Regardless of whether you want to buy one for the first time or you simply want a replacement, this part is important. So, keep reading and find out more.


The most important factor has to do with the power of the musky rod. As pointed out earlier, you might encounter a few inconveniences if you decide to go for the wrong rod power.

Catching heavy fish such as musky will require a powerful and strong rod that can withstand the weight. Otherwise, it is bound to bend over and in some cases break or snap. But for what reason?

You will not only have lost the fish but your money as well. That is because you will be forced to go back to the market to source for another quality musky rod. To avoid all the frustration, you can just identify a heavy duty rod and invest your cash there.


Believe it or not, the length of the musky rod has a role to play when it comes to catching large fish. Ideally, you will need a longer rod if your intention is to lure a musky and have a successful fishing adventure.

This is because it allows you to cast a big bait which is in turn going to help you control large fish with a fighting tendency. So, you might now be wondering what the best length to settle for is.

We would advise that you don’t pick anything that is less than 7 1/2 feet long. You will agree that the rod becomes harder to control as the length increases. That is why you might also want to avoid those longer than 9 feet.

The middle ground, therefore, appears to be about 8 feet long rods.


By rod action, we mean the rod’s ability to bend over when some form of pressure is applied to it. You will come across rods that are somehow stiff. Others, on the other hand, will be easily manageable.

In terms of levels, we have those known to be fast, slow, moderate, and extra fast. You should settle for a musky rod identified as being fast for improved efficiency and better results. Stiff rods might cost you in the long run.


Every angler needs a great musky fishing rod for a nice and fun fishing adventure. However, not all the products available in the market might be up to the task. Also, no one is saying that finding the right product is going to be easy.

However, what can be gathered is that one needs to exercise great caution before settling for a particular musky rod. A little research and comprehensive reviews might go a long way in bringing you close to your goal.

That said, you might want to look at some of the St. Croix musky rods- they are some of the best brands currently available. Since the releases are several, we would recommend the Mojo MM86XHF musky rod.

The product is relatively cheaper but yet again, worth the value of your money. It has been manufactured to deliver quality performance and see to it that you have an easy time while out in the ocean or elsewhere.

Plus, the product has a nice finishing. For those who also want an attractive musky rod, this is a go-to option. The color is outstanding.

Finally, you will definitely love the design and grip featured by this musky rod.

Get yourself Mojo MM86XHF and see whether you like it!

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