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Best Musky Tackle Box

What are the Top Muskie Lure Tackle Boxes for Storage?

There is not only a thrill but also adventure and experiences in fishing. If you enjoy it, then you perhaps have a preference for fish or fishing techniques. Musky fishing is one of the most interesting activities that may come to grow in you if it has not already.

Muskies do not have the best eyesight, or that similar to most species of fish. Unlike most, they are also carnivorous, and thus consume others of its kind and even smaller aquatic and floating animals. Because of their eyesight, however, their hunting technique is a little modified to serve them best under the conditions.

They use sound vibrations to locate their prey. Water may also spark more than mere vibrations, electric waves, which fish pick up. Nevertheless, depending on the light intensity and size of the prey, muskies may use shadows cast to tell if they have a worthy meal or not.

If you are a beginner or seasoned musky fisher, then you have probably packed up fishing gear that you will need, including lures. They help entice the muskies, making a catch easier, and saving you hassles. You will, however, find the need to store your lures.

Having a variety of lures also increases your chances of fishing success. A musky tackle box should do the job. A good tackle box should be easy to access and be made easy to organize your lures. We will have a look at other factors that are important to consider when shopping for a musky tackle box.

There are various brands of tackle boxes in the market, each offering something unique. How do you choose the best? We have come up with a list of five musky tackle boxes that have proven to have what it takes. They are:

1. Lakewood Monster

Good capacity is a handy feature that you should expect with any tackle box. The Lakewood Monster serves you with space enough for up to 100 lures and pikes. You may love the additional accommodation that its side pockets offer. Zippered, you get space enough for a 3600 tackle container.

More to this box’s accommodation is its back, which has a zippered pocket, with space enough for a 3730 container, which unlike the former, is included. Besides capacity, you would want durability, to not only see you through fishing trips but also avoid disappointments when you want them least.

This piece, therefore, has a sewn webbing, which you may find to be heavy-duty. More accommodation for your possessions like tools or towels is provided around the pockets by its wrap. That is not all; you also get 74 hook groves, six and twenty compartments of 2.75” x 6” and 2.75” x 2.75″ respectively.

This product is available in green, black, stone, and gray colors. Summarily, you may find it to be great for its generous capacity and many pockets. Its sturdy construction makes the tackle box durable. You may also love this product’s design and its entire build.

A notable setback with Lakewood is that it is costly.


  • Large capacity
  • Durable
  • Great design
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • It is costly

2. Plano

If you are looking to get good value for your money, then this product could be how. What does it have to offer? While it may not be the catchiest tackle box that you will come across, you may love its storage capability. It may not hold as many lures as the Lakewood but it accommodates varied sizes, which is a plus.

The capacity you get with this piece is 40 spoons and lures of 12”. It also has plenty of removable racks, which you may find to offer space enough for Plano StowAways, although they are not included. A good tackle box should see you through successful trips without breaking down or disappointing you.

This product had been built to offer durability. Made of plastic, it has been constructed for high impact and 100% worm proofing. What is more with this product, is its convenient locking system, which helps avoid messes on trips. It does this by locking lures in the rack system, upon closing the lid.

Summarily, you may love this product because of its generous capacity. The space is adequate for large lures. You may also love that it managed to offer durability and sturdiness and a light weight. You may find the Plano to be a great value for its relative affordability.

A Notable setback with this product is that its large size consumes plenty of space.


  • Adequate space for varied lure sizes
  • Great value
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Its large size consumes plenty of space.

3. Flambeau 6127ZR

If you are looking a piece that will serve you optimally for the price, then Flambeau could be it. You may love its capacity, which will offer you space enough for 50 lures that are rather large, or many smaller ones (up to 100). What is more to this tackle box?

For the first five years, you may find this product well protected with its Zerust VCI, which will ensure that your tackle does not rust or get corroded. How does it work? The dividers are made of vapour-emitting polymers, which are not only harmless but are also responsible for the layer of protection on the metal surfaces.

This may not be the most affordable piece that you will come across for your tackle box but it is relatively affordable. Summarily, you may love its size and storage capacity. It has space, generous enough for 50 large lures and up to 100 small ones.

It features rust and corrosion protection, so, you should be able to use it for a long time. You should, however, expect some setbacks with this product. One is that you may find it difficult to carry, following that it does not have a top handle. You may also face challenges with lures, which can get stuck in the box’s slots.

Another disappointment is with the information on the product’s durability. There is no guarantee on what to expect after the 5-year window has expired.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Great storage and size
  • Rust and corrosion protection.


  • It does not have top handle for carrying
  • Lures can get stuck in the slots.

4. Lakewood Upright

Coming forth in our list is the Lakewood Upright. Just like our top choice, this tackle box is delivered by Lakewood in the quality you would expect. What does it have to offer? Its capacity is generous, allowing you space for up to 50 lures. This product has been designed to deliver the best within a small space.

If you are looking for a tackle box that will not take up much space, then this could be it. As the name suggests, it is meant to be used upright, which is more economical on space, when compared to other models and designs. Among upright tackle boxes, you may not come across any other better than the Lakewood.

What is more, is that it provides two zippered pockets that you may find to be adequately large. Its construction is sturdy and strong, which ensures that you use it for long. You should additionally expect its sewn webbed handles to be heavy-duty. This is summarily a great product.

Lakewood does not disappoint on quality and the capacity you get is generous enough for 50 lures. It features an upright design, which saves on space and two zippered pockets. It has a sturdy construction and heavy-duty webbed handles.

A notable setback is that not many people like the upright design.


  • Sturdy build
  • Heavy-duty webbed handles
  • Generous capacity and good size


  • Not many people like the upright design.

5. Lakewood Jr

Coming last in our list but not in its ability to transform your fishing experience and yet another product by Lakewood. This product has been designed to deliver compactness and despite the quality that you should expect with Lakewood, it indeed performs well in its size.

While Lakewood Jr shares plenty of features with our top product, Lakewood Monster, you may find this model to be a lot smaller. If you are a beginner at musky fishing, therefore, then you may find this to be a handy product. It may also serve travelers who need it for short trips ideally.

Besides the two zippered pockets, you should also expect this product to offer durability. A sturdy build for a tackle box is just what you need when you are going out for musky hunting. You may generally love how the simple, compact design looks.

Summarily, this is a great product, like any other Lakewood tackle box. It is great for its performance in a small size. Beginners and travelers, therefore, may love having this handy equipment with them. It also features a sturdy build.

A notable setback is that this product has a small capacity and can hold only 20 large lures.


  • Ideal for beginners and travelers
  • Sturdy construction
  • Compact


  • It can hold only 20 large lures.

When looking for a musky tackle box, there are some factors that you may want to consider, which could make your shopping smoother and increase your chances of purchasing an ideal product. Capacity is one of them. A tackle box with space enough for at least 50 lures has a generous capacity.

If you intend to use more lures, then you may want to consider going for a tackle box with a larger capacity. The problem with small pieces is that you may not pack enough lures and may have to cut your fishing short or go back for more.

There is, however, good with a small size, and that is where a compact design comes in. A small tackle box will save plenty of space, meaning that you will not only be able to carry enough lures but also without a strain. Enough is, however, relative.

Another advantage of a compact design is that it is lightweight. You should thus be able to carry your box around easily without straining. An easy-to-carry piece, however, does not just have to be lightweight but can also generally be portable, due to its design or other features.

A sturdy design will ensure that you use your tackle box for as long as would serve you optimally. You should watch out for the varied builds and different materials used, and go for a piece that will see you through plenty of successful fishing expeditions.

Finally, you may want to consider affordability. There would be no use to get a product that you cannot afford. Do not strain your budget, since there is always something great for a good price. Weigh your options and buy something you will be happy about.

Bottom Line

Fishing is an interesting activity when you are prepared for it. You may spend hours at times, hoping or waiting for a catch, with little to no success. It could be that the gear you have is not the best for the job or you could be missing something. Are you going musky fishing? Then you may have to pack up!

A tackle box for musky fishing is a useful equipment that you would not want to leave behind. Muskies respond to lures and without sufficient storage for them, you may have to row back to shore severally, affecting your fishing experience and perhaps even chances of success.

When you are setting out to fish, go prepared so that you will have everything you need. A tackle box allows you to keep as many lures as you will need for the muskies. Different brands will give you different capacities, and other varying features; some of which we have discussed.

From the available brands of musky tackle boxes, I would like to recommend that you get the Lakewood Monster. You may love it for its general quality and find it to be great for its generous capacity and many pockets. Its sturdy construction makes the tackle box durable. You may also love this product’s design and its entire build.

What more could you be looking for in a musky tackle box? Buy the Lakewood Monster today!

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