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2014 Seminar Schedule  

Friday- January 10th
Musky Innovations Day

1:00 PM: Mike Hulbert  “Muskie Migrations” (sponsored by Dadson Blade Baits)
2:30PM: Spencer Berman  “Key Factors to Catching Monster Muskies” (sponsored by Musky Innovations)
4:00PM: Joe Bucher Poolside  “Strike Triggering Techniques”  (sponsored by Joe Bucher Outdoors)
5:30PM: Tony Grant “Southern Exposure”  (sponsored by Amsoil)
7:00PM: Mike Mordas  “Get On The Trolling Train”  (sponsored by Musky Train)


Saturday- January 11th
Musky Hunter Magazine Day

10:00AM: Steve Heiting  - “Frontal Assault”  (sponsored by Musky Hunter Magazine)
11:30AM: Kids Casting Clinic Poolside  (sponsored by Muskies, Inc)
1:15PM: Jim Saric  “Secrets for the New Musky Era”  (sponsored by Musky Hunter Magazine)
3:00PM: Joe Bucher  “Retrieve Tricks That Trigger More Strikes”  (sponsored by Joe Bucher Outdoors)
3:45-5:00PM: Open Pool Lure Demos by show exhibitors
4:30PM: Spence Petros “Sifting The Slop For More Muskies”  (sponsored by Musky Hunter Magazine)


Sunday- January 12th
Muskies, Inc. Day

10:00AM: Muskies Inc. Panel  “Who Are The Five Greatest Muskie Fishermen Of All Time?” (sponsored by Muskies, Inc.)
Featuring Russ Warye, Spence Petros, Larry Ramsell & Jim Saric
11:30AM: Open Pool Lure Demonstrations By Thorne Bros.  All attendees Invited To Participate
1:30PM: Jacob Stankowski “The Musky Brothers” – “Muskie Fishing: A Kids View” (sponsored by Muskies, Inc.)
1:45-3:00PM: Open Pool Lure Demos by show exhibitors
3:00PM: Johnny Dadson “The Hunt For Quennie” (sponsored by Dadson Blade Baits)