Tri-Esox Productions would like to thank
all the exhibitors who participated
in this year’s Chicago Muskie Show.
We hope you had an enjoyable and profitable weekend.
Also a big thank you to all who attended and
indulged in a wonderful mid winter muskie party.


With a heavy heart I report to you that my partner of fourteen years,
Lynn Shuster, passed away on January 4th, the week prior to the show.
Lynn contributed greatly to the show being a success and loved being a part of it.
We were close friends for fifty years and I will miss him dearly.

After producing this expo for nineteen years, and losing my partner, I am considering retiring.
It has been a real joy bringing the muskie community together each year for this event and I know it will continue.

The Chicago Muskie Show is available for purchase.
Please direct serious inquiries only to esoxtuna@aol.com.